Kinetic head gaskets and proper size requested


Jan 29, 2003
Hey folks,
has anyone heard of kinetic head gaskets? Someone told me they were indestructable.

Also, what is the proper size for an un-bored (stock) 87 shortblock? I am replacing my heads with thumper E7's (and also a TMoss upper/lower and Jay Allen cam :) )

I don't want to skimp on gaskets and I don't want to have the car apart and have the wrong gaskets :(

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Fel-Pro also has a MLS gasket out that is very nice, a hair cheaper as well...

If you go Cometic, make sure you coat them before the first ues or they tend to seap between the layers. One reason I switched over the the Fel-Pro, they come pre-coated.

Stock bore is 4.00" so you'll use a gasket that is 4.08-4.10"
If its a stock motor then just put fel-pros on it. high compression and blowers/juice may demand a better gasket but don't waste your money on speciality head gaskets for a mild motor. Best thing hands down you can do for sealing is o-ring the block.