knocking noise from motor


New Member
Jun 14, 2005
Alright this is what i got, its a 98 gt automatic trans, recently it has started knocking on cold starts and when it is reved to about 2 grand. ive had a guy tell me it is one of the rods on the lower end , and what im needing to know what would be cheaper,, to fix the problem and build the bottom end stronger, or to just pull the motor and start with a different one? and also would the 96-98 cobra motors match up with my auto tranny or not? just any little bit of info would help me. . . . thanks
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my 98 cobra has a ticking noise at about 2000rpms when driving, it sems to go away above that. I run synthetic oil. engine has 100k, it comes and goes i dont know what cause it. any suggestions. db