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Myself, the founder and Admins that brought you StangNet have created a new car social app. To get things started and let our members try it out and experience this new vehicle social app, we have created this MEGA thread that will stream activity from the app back to this thread. The simplest way to understand how it works, imagine Pinterest and Instagram mixed together. Your Mustang is the user, it has its own profile page detailing specs, images, modifications and features. Other users are then able to follow your Mustang, see what you have posted, get notified of check-ins and more. You can even get phone alerts when a "Ford Mustang" checks-in at say a Sonic near you. Never miss a cruise-in or car show again!


All the app details are here:

To entice you into testing out our new app, we have teamed up with Late Model Restoration to offer a $100 gift card for those of you who participate. A winner will be chosen at random on the current end date of August 31st.


How to enter the contest:​

If you DO NOT HAVE the knowmoto app already -
  1. Install the app from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store
  2. Add your Ford Mustang
  3. That's it, your newly added Ford Mustang will automatically post to this thread and you will be entered.
app-store-grey.png google-play-grey.png

If you HAVE the knowmoto app already -
  1. Make sure you have the latest version - 1.3
  2. Start a photo post in the knowmoto app
  3. Attach to your Mustang you have in the app
  4. Set the location picture was taken
  5. Add the tag "Stangnet"
  6. Hit Submit. That's it, your newly added Ford Mustang will automatically post to this thread and you will be entered.

Can you enter more than once?
To increase your chances, you can add your other Mustangs to the knowmoto app if you have more than one OR you can make photo posts in the knowmoto app of your Mustang and use the tag "stangnet". Each time you do this it will streamed to this thread for all to see.

Contest Ends -
We will take all the entries from today through Aug 31st, then announce the winner. We will notify you from your credentials in the app. After this contest we will have more to keep this mega thread going.

Entry Limits -
You can only be entered in a total of twice. Once for adding 1 Mustang + 1 Post OR 2 Posts if your Mustang was already in the app. You are welcome to add as many posts/pictures as you like though to the mega thread.

Feedback and Questions -
Please use this thread here to ask us any questions you may have or any feedback about the knowmoto app.

We will also be at MustangWeek for the car show on Friday. For those attending, be sure to stop by our display to participate in contests we will be having there also. Think scavenger hunts! ;)

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