laugh if you want, Cat lover state....


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Jul 28, 2003
Riverside, CA
Since i reside in southern california (smog nazi capitol of the US) im gonna need to put some cats on my 3 inch piping. Anyone have any recomendations, i was looking at some 3 inch catco's on ebay (something like 32$) guessing i need two (since that is what i cut off my 2.25" exhuast)...or do i need less for a turbo motor? Never really looked into a cat setup on the tc's.

Also, Since i dont have an air pump i guess i dont need the air-tubes in the cat/s , that being true...just weld em closed or what?

thanks again :)
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I don't know how stringent things are in the Governator's reich over there in So-Cal, but I can share my expierience with Catco.
I got a pair of Catcos direct-fit cat pipes for my late Crown Vic. They worked great. The muffler shop I went to (literally "The Muffler Shop") hooked 'em up and on my install just welded the air tubes shut.
I'm going to get a Catco direct-fit cat pipe to back up my Ranger header. :nice:
So, in conclusion I recommend their products, but if I were racing I'd probably use Dynomax's cats. Though I can't imagine a difference, all honeycomb catalysts look the same to me! Must be another case of "The Brand-Name Syndrome".