Launching with 3:73 vs 4:10

Hi everyone!
I’m new to the mustang world having always had z28 with automatics.
Recently I acquired a low mile 03 Centennial GT with 5spd. I plan on changing the rear gears to either 3:73 or 4:10. The plan for the car is just to mess around and have fun with occasional 1/8 mile local racing (just for fun)
My question is one that I hope somebody more skilled in a manual trans can answer. Would installing lower gears help with being able to launch in a more controlled manor. I can let it rip with the factory gears but I’m wondering if I could perform lower rpm launches with better gears thus coming out of the hole with less wheel spin so I could hammer down sooner with traction. I hope my question makes sense?
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Mustang Master
Nov 6, 2016
All things being equal your ET will improve with the gears but traction becomes problematic with stock tires. Trial and error will show the best technique. Slicks will help with the 1/8 mile.

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