Leaking Oil Pan Gasket

Is it common for the oil pan gasket to leak where it contacts the front timing cover? This engine has approximately 110K on it. I tried snugging down the pan bolts, but they didn't budge. Is there enough clearance between the motor, oil pump and cross member to remove the pan without jacking up the motor?
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SN Certified Technician
Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
You need to get yourself a Chiltons, Haynes, Ford, or other service manual. The oil pan gasket can be serviced in car. But it will require supporting the engine from above. The K-member is then lowered from below. Having a lift may be almost required. And certainly some special tools.

Suggest double checking the source of the leak. Make sure it is not leaking from the oil sender or the oil filter adapter as those items are much easier to service "in the car".