Leaking & smoke show

Turkey Sammich

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Jul 12, 2006
Im driving into a parking lot and smoke comes out of the right side of my hood. I stop, shut off the car, and open the hood. green fluid comes pooring out of a hose near the heads and intake man. Its pouring onto the heads and headers causing the smoke. Or so, I believe. The temp gauge did not indicate any overheating. No other issues I could identify, besides the busted pipe. The crack in the hose is a good inch & a half long. Its started pulling from the overflow and its down to less than a quart on that. I can upload pics in a while. So, what does everything think about the damage and how many beers it will take to repair? :D
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That sucks man. I had the same problem last Sunday. I started tearing everything off the front of the engine until I found the leaky culpritand when I got thewater pump unbloted guess what, the top half of the timing cover came of with it. I got it all fixed and back together but still need to change the oil as the antifreeze was running right into the timing cover into the oil pan and need a new hose clamp. Keep your fingers crossed their was no head damage. Hopefull you dont have any major damagfe done to yours. I would guess you will be ok since you still had a little left in the overflow. Good luck w/ it.
I did what I could to get it out of there, home or the shop. I duct taped it, filled the overflow and put it in the shop. I'm hoping there was no damage other than what could be seen. I talked with one guy and we got in there with a flashlight. It was the heater hose. Getting the hose in the morning, and new radiator fluid. The temp started to go up, but didn't get up to far to cause any damage, hopefully.

Here's a photo....


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I thought my radiator and intake gakets blowing out was bad, you have a crisis!!!

Lol j/k

Eh. It coulda been worse. I actually laughed. I've been thinking all day, that my car has been so good to me. And, it's better to me than my biotch.... Then this happens. :rlaugh: I cursed myself. I'll do a lil PIITB action with my girlfriend it will be all good. :nice: