Lentech AOD on sale...


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Dec 11, 2001
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Now, before anyone gets upset, I don't work for Lentech, and I don't currently own anything made by Lentech (though I hope to eventually), so this isn't an advertisement per se.

I only know them by reputation (which is very good by all accounts I've heard), but for anyone interested in or looking for an AOD, Lentech is having a sale through the end of June, including their AOD Street Cruiser transmission, with Lifetime LTD. Warranty, for $995! That is $400 off their usual price, and it's rated to 300hp, and you can get a corrected 1-2-3/4 shift pattern at no extra cost. They've got more serious trannys too, with corrected shift patterns, optional electric overdrive delete (on/off), and all with their "Lifetime LTD. Warranty".

I'm actually hoping my AOD might be going belly up so I can justify buying one of these... :)

Check 'em out at http://www.lentechautomatics.com/aodproducts.html , and just ask any of the late model guys about thier reputation and quality. :nice:
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brianj5600 said:
A grand and it is only rated to 300hp?
Like Route666 said, what other tranny company would be willing to give a Lifetime warranty on any of their transmissions (overdrive or not), even on a stock 225hp 5.0? Most are probably a year at best, some might be 3 year/36000 mile, but Lentech is Lifetime/unlimited mileage.

BTW, they do have one rated to 1200hp... Lifetime warranty included. :nice: