Lesson learned with a Pertronix Ignitor II


Oct 24, 2005
Hillsboro, Oregon
If you are running a Pertronix Ignitior electronic ignition, any time you are working on anything electrical where you could potentially cause a short, DICONNECT YOUR BATTERY!

I know you are supposed to do that anyway, but how many of us really do?

I was monkeying with the ignition switch and attempting to install a push button starter. Got the switch and the starter all wired up and working properly able to start the car using the push button, then somehow I caused a short, nice little puff of smoke. Weird, now the car will crank but not start.

Did all the usual troubleshooting to track down what was wrong. Was getting my 12 volts to the coil, checked all the fuses. Even checked for spark and was getting a weak spark. I also managed to drain my battery in the effort of getting the push button working.

Long story short, charged the battery, threw back in the original points the car came with, set the gap and she fired on the first crank....

Luckily the new engine will be getting a Duraspark dist so me making the Pertronix into a $100 paperweight isn't THAT big of a deal...

Just wanted to share my misery in the hope that some else can learn from my stupid mistake... :stupid:
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