LOL..Car is WAY WEAK!!!!


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Sep 12, 2001
Well I drove the car out tonight and noticed it felt REALLY down on power..even for 5psi...
Any how I instantly noticed that the car felt weird and it was obviously a timing thing...exh popping, and the car was running extremely 200-210 cruising, and with the A/C on the highway 220...I was like OMG A/C off!!!
Anyways I popped the hood and heard a loud ass BUZZ BUZZ every couple seconds....I was like WTF. Then I noticed it was coming from the distributor...whoa...I put my hand on it and could feel the BUZZ BUZZ (pretty loud to) through my hand!
I pulled the cap off and everything looked ok. My distrib has had about a 1/2 x 1/2 piece missing outta the housing (cap goes over it) for awhile...prob should replace...but this is weird....any ideas?
I'm thinking I ****ed the timing up or something since I can't read the balancer anymore from the good ole Fla rust (although I did mark it with #1 TDC...and timed it off that)
But running so hot....weird
Low on power...weird
Buzz Buzz....weird.

Well what'da think
It's to late to mess with it tonight, so I'll sleep on
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well after flying in a freakin jet anything is gonna be low on power. before you said your distributor got eaten up i was gonna say your a/c probalby just needed to be recharged or something but ionno, it's probably timing if your distributor got f-ed up like that
had the A/C done today lol
I pulled the distrib and everything looks fine...but I had to turn the mofo counter clock wide alot to get it out...tabd were hitting it was way off I think
yeah i when i had my car dynoed it had the stock dist cap and rotor on and the gragh was jumping all over the place up top, so when i blew a head gasket i put the msd dist. in and it helped alot up top i would like to dyno again just to see how much ?hope that fixes your car .