long crank to start issue - FIXED - FUEL PUMP AND REGULATOR

darryl paarman

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Aug 13, 2013
ft bragg nc
My cars cranking time has started to get longer.
I have 44 psi when running on BBK adjustable regulator.
I have 0 psi after cycling the fuel pump.
After reading this post https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/hard-start-long-crank-to-start-issue-solved.921051/ and others.
I just replaced the fuel pump with a Walbro 155.
I also replace the fuel filter.
I still have the same issue. Even after cycling the key 3 times - I still have no fuel pressure at regulator gage until after the car is running.
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Upon checking the fuel regulator- I pulled the vacuum hose and heard a slight gurgling sound.
Fuel was leaking from the vacuum port. Internal failure.
It has a BBK regulator currently- decided as it was less than a year old - I would replace it with a Kirban from LMR.
I'm also getting the fitting to move my pressure guage to the schreader valve -by the alternator.
Looks like it will be around the 6th before it arrives.
I will update then.
Currently - my pressure gauge is mounted on the BBK regulator.
There is a port for it .
I'm not sure if there is a way to mount it on the Kirban ?
If there isn't - Where would I be able to mount it ?

I wouldn’t . Use it to set pressure , then remove it and only use it if you need to trouble shoot
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I have a Kirban FPR and mounted a gauge in place of the schrader valve.

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Yes exhaust manifold. Could have a fuel injector leak, could have a gauge on FPR leak, could have FPR leak, could, could, could,... if you are afraid of the could, easy solution is don't fire up your car. You won't have a leak and no risk of fire.

Gauge has been there for years, installed right is no problem.
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Just humor. Although the reason most stoped doing that is quite a few people had that very problem. That's why the advice above was given. But I agree, can't worry about everything.
Likely reason for the gauge/adapter failure was improper install or cheap parts. There is some vibration, but as you can see, it does work ok.
Think about it, you are sitting just a few feet away from a blob of steel that is containing many powerful explosions per second that forces things to move in the opposite direction while pushing on other things that go in circles. Then just a few feet behind you is a tin can that has a volatile liquid sloshing around with a pump pushing the stuff right past you to that hot, seething blob of steel. What could go wrong?
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Back to the original problem..... I'd like to know the result. I have the same longer and longer cranking to start and am about to order a new fuel pump. Waiting on this to resolve so keep us posted please.
Okay, After waiting for parts, last night my new regulator arrived. Swapping out wasn't to bad - just a little patients needed for the screws. Any way Replaced regulator- cycled key 3 or 4 times - no pressure reading at regulator. Started car- had 43psi after adjusting the regulator. Shut off - no pressure at gauge. ?????? Started again- let idle for 5 minutes- shut off . Key on - no pressure.???

I decide to pinch the return line - 60 + psi at gauge. released .
Again key on - no pressure??
Came home today after work- Key on 38 psi.... Everything is working as is should.

Drove around for 30 minutes - shut off. Key on 38 psi .... Looks like its fixed....
me too... I don't understand how or why it took a few ( More than a few ) cycles to get it to read ? I was kind of pissed at work today- thinking about it- I came home -decided to check one more time-
All I can say is it is working now...........