Long Tube Headers


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Nov 16, 2006
The MAC headers I am considering for my 67 289 auto with A/C and PS are listed as long tubes and they sound to good to be true. Looking for anyone that has used them. Description below:

MAC 1 5/8" Long Tube Headers
Model number TF6466
"The only header for early Mustangs that doesn't require floor-notes, torches, or a power steering cylinder lower bracket for installation, and ground clearance is never a problem. Finally, an exhaust header that really fits!"
"These long-tube headers are made from 16-gauge steel and are HTS coated to resist corrosion. They also include all air tube and sensor hook-ups for a hassle free installation. They include individual header flanges, and our collectors are a one-piece formed design to allow for precision fit to the H-pipe. MAC's True Fit Design eliminates gaskets at the collector (which eventually leak). These headers comes with threaded flanges, machined steel studs, and self-locking flange nuts."
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Sep 26, 2001
Baton Rouge, LA
I can't vouch for the fitment and quality for the classic Mustangs but I have the same headers on my '95 in the same coating and the fit was great.

If I could do it over again I'd go with a different coating than that HTS - most likey JetHot - the headers throw a LOT of heat into the engine bay and I do mean a lot. The HTS coating is some sort of white powdery substance that keeps rust away but doesn't do much for keeping heat in the headers.

Overall I'm pleased w/ the headers - had them on and off several times for other non-related issues and they fit back great each time.

Now if I could just find some different longtube headers for my '72 - the ones I have now are WAY rusted and bent out of shape.


302 coupe

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Mar 2, 2000
Macon, Ga.
They've been on the market for a few years now and I still haven't heard of anyone using them. I'm not in the market anymore, so I quit inquiring about them. There are other headers on the market that are proven to fit well and last. The Mac's might be great, but I couldn't find out for sure, and I didn't want to be an unpaid product tester.


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Nov 13, 1998
Edmond, Oklahoma
I don't think I'd order a set of pre-coated headers. I'd order the uncoated version and test fit them first, then send them out to have them coated, but I know there are people that don't want to deal with all that hassle. I'd prefer not to have to dent or cut and redo a tube and have a area that was uncoated or the coating was compromised, but that's me. Do it right once or do it wrong several times.