Looking for all things great! 2000 Mustang Gt (Raush w/o the supercharger) for now.


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Mar 24, 2020
Las Vegas, NV.
Fellow Mustang Maniacs,
Socaladrift is the handle although I'm not longer in socal. Had to escape to Vegas in 08.

Here is my latest headache. Just bought it for 3k.
2000 Mustang Gt 4.6 Pearl Wht. Raush. 86,000 original miles
(I know the authentic Raush wasnt built during 2000-2002 so I actually have a GT w the Raush Air Package outside
and all the embossing and emblems inside.
This one has had the outer door handles removed and I only got one key but the right one w/ the codes programmed in. Either way I'm forced to go thru the passenger window which has to stay down a bit in order to reach across and pull the door handle to open the drivers door.So far that's the only markings I could find since i opened up the drivers door panel and a window sensor control module that was mostly disconnected so I'm removed the whole window sensor control module and rewired it back to factory. (still get no window action from any switch, driver or pass.) I plan to trace down the entire (added on alarm system) and surgically remove it.
While I'm doing that I found next morning that the battery was dead. charged to 12.9V and fired right up. disconnected the battery overnight and again fired up. so I checked for a draw on the battery while shut down and sure nuf. 12.38V draw. I systematically went from engine side fuses one by one to the interior fuses one by one. Nothing stopped the drain. So the headache begins. If someone knows of any chronic or occasional issue with these baby's that could be the cause I'm thanking you thanking you thanking you in advance. Chasing down these battery drains is the one area I get impatient and most likely forget to check something or even miss the issue completely because IO'm overthinking the process and didn't even see the HUGE WHITE ELEPHANT that is laughing sitting on the roof. I'm thinking it may be in the window wiring or radio. I'll check those tomorrow.

So thats issue #1
Glad to be here and knowing my luck I'll be posting fairly often as I get this mustang back in electrical shape and then fit it for a supercharger.

Personal Quote: A job done half done in no job done at all!
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