Looking for big power


Jan 3, 2006
So I have most of the bolt-ons that all the rest of us have, but now I have to answer the hard question, N/A or forced induction. :shrug: I like the N/A idea but don't know if Cams or new heads are the better step. Since it looks like they are about the same cost and pain to install. With forced induction would it change the service life of my engine any worse then heads and cams? Any advice would be great and are there any High-po N/A Stangbangers out there?
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cams would be the better step. theres a thread lurking around done by sutton i think? that showed a large gain from cams, and a pretty minimal gain from the heads. although they were using the frpp heads, which are prolly a bit more conservative and dont flow quite as well as some of the other offerings. id go with the cams between the two.