Looking for help to swap rear end components?

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Aw c'mon! Just dive in there and get 'er done.

On a side note, where'd you buy the kit and how much was it? That's on the list for my white car.
i nearly got rid of the car a week ago from frustration. i even knew what i was doing at that point, :rolleyes: so im not feeling real adventurous yet.

i got a sweet deal on the kit. normally i think its $2600 new. i got the kit for $1100 with baer rotors (bought outside kit), stainless steel lines (outside kit) and some other little stuff. it's cheaper to piece it together unless you found it as cheap as i did. plus i just wanted to buy "everything" at once.
Come the hell on mods, did you even read the thread or did you just move it? He's looking for help with an install, not selling a product.

I didn't move it but I can tell you why it was done. Transactions take place in the classifieds, whether money changes hands or not. Besides, he'll probably get better results here anyways.

Now, back to the program. :)
If looking for help to instal the new rear end was the focus of your post, why didn't you make it the title of your thread?

I'll reword it for you to make it local Forum friendly rather than delete it if you'd like. Your choice? :shrug:
thanks wythors, i agree..

how am i going to get better luck LOCALLY in the national section?

just delete the thread. i put LOCALS only in my title for a reason.

Well for one, the section you had it in is maybe 10 threads strong at best and this section probably gets quadruple the traffic. Someone looking for Moser axles, even someone not local might have no problem driving driving there to get the job done. (By the way, why would you care how far they traveled as long as they did what was expected in return?) Secondly, your specific location is clearly shown under your join date and above your post count.
let me get this straight.

i post a thread, in my local regional forum. it gets over-moderated immidiately. it involves zero money, but its in the for sale section now?

i get home, and my god damn title and content has been edited? are you kidding me? it was edited with false information as well. the axles the "helper" gets, are NOT NEW. why would i give someone brand new parts because i need help removing them? :shrug:

also, why do i care who helps me? well let me think... someone drives twice as far to get parts. they aren't close to me anymore.. perhaps they give half a chit if it gets done right, they are going to be in more of a hurry. puts more of a crunch on the entire scenerio.

so a simple offering, is now in the regional forum.. with a bastardized title that doesnt even sound like it belongs here! so someone is going to think "this moron wants suspension install info in the for sale section?". let me tell you.. that would really make me think someone wants help in washington state.

people do NOT read on here. i did this same offering for my front spindle/brake setup. i ended up doing it myself, just try to help people out. point being, i had over 5 pms randomly get sent to me from people who cant read. this wonderful regional setup came, and people read free brakes! and dont bother to read ANY context. much like this will end up..

so lets do this... CLOSE THIS.

A parting note. Honest mistakes are sometimes made. It was my folly for stating that the axles were new in the rewrite, but it was your initial mistake in the first place to title your thread like a sales ad when what you really wanted was a hand with a project. Despite your intentions, you are attempting to exchange product, for services rendered….and that my friend is something that belongs in the classifieds section.

In attempts to remedy the situation, I reworded your ad for a more Talk Forum friendly format. Not because I was obligated to, but because it was your desire to keep it in the local Regional Talk Forum and I was trying to fulfill it out of sheer courtesy. If you weren’t happy with this, you could have easily PM'd me to discuss alternative wording and your thread could have remained. Instead you'd rather throw a tantrum in open forum and take your ball and run home.

So my solution is this.....in the future when the urge to post similar threads arises, feel free to take out a FREE ad in your local newspaper, or penny pincher instead and you won’t have to worry about any overzealous Staff members “over-moderating” your ad! :lock:
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