Looking for Parking Brake Cable Options


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Apr 16, 2015
I am currently trying to piece together a big brake set up for the rear of my 5-lug Fox. The main purpose is to gain a bit of brake bias balance - current set up is near 83/17 as calculated with online calculator. Hoping to get down to 78/22.

I just did the fronts with 14" Shelby rotors and XTS Brembo calipers. Current rear set up is 11.8" rotor with a 43mm Lincoln LS rear caliper. Looking to put a 13.6" rotor and 43.5mm caliper from a Police Interceptor Sedan. Just need an appropriate Parking Brake Cable to go with it. I am looking for OEM sources of parking brake cables with these ends...

Parking Brake Cable ends.jpg
Or barrel end could be like out stock Mustangs with the barrel inline with the cable (this would actually be better but have not seen any with this combo).

I know of versions on:

- 2015-21 Mustang (but have no information on length of outer jacket and inner cable)
- 98 Windstar with rear disc brakes (I haven't checked 99-03 yet)
- 04-07 Freestar with rear disc brakes (they all had rear discs) - so far the closest to what would fit.

Looking for any information others may have come across when doing work with other cars.
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Why not use the 93-97 Taurus 43mm caliper?

theb you can use the standard Fox parking brake cables when doing a rear disk conversion. It’s the same caliper as the 38mm SN95
I am worried about a large radius rotor and will the caliper/pad fit on enough. By using the Police caliper I know the pad and caliper will fit the rotor.
I actually think that pad sits rather low on the rotor face when used with a 11.65” rotor. It might have some wiggle room in terms of accepting a larger radius, but really the only want to tell it to get hands on one and test fit. How thick is the larger rear rotor?
That's the beauty. Rotor is 13.6" diameter, 1.524" height and 0.748 thick vented style. The 05-14 rear rotor I have on right now is 11.81" diameter, 1.385" height and 0.751 thick, again vented style.

Stock Cobra rear rotor is 11.65" diameter, 2.01" height and 0.71" thick

It is possible the Lincoln LS caliper (43mm) and pad I currently have will work but I am not sure. The Lincoln LS is a 11.33" diameter, 1.29" height and 0.79" thick. The 2000-2002 MY use the same parking cable end at the caliper as Mustang