looking for peoplen jacksonville N.C

Hey whats up everyone im looking for car/ mustang people to chill with in the jacksonville north carolina area IN military so i dont really know anyone around this place i was in alot of event/club type things in new jersey just looking for someone to go to track and work with.
let me know if you guys are around
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Well I am in NC but on the other end of the state. I was down your way back in May when I had a weekend fire class in Wilmington.
1994Vib.RedGT said:
I live a couple of hours from jacksonvile up in rocky mount, and while they look kind of close on the map, north carolina is a big state!

You dayum skippy! NC is a huge state when it comes to traveling. It's not like those midwestern states where all roads are flat and straight. I drive all over the state with my job.

I'm in western NC too. I know several guys on here are as well. Maybe we should organize a meet... maybe somewhere in the piedmont.... I can see it now: a string of SN95's crusin' down the road as far as the naked eye can see...

I don't know if the Corp. is like this..... but I am in the Army and we have two car clubs that are actually kind of sponsored by the Army. One is a Mustang group... but I was never interested in it. There are even magazines published for the clubs....
that is a great idea lets do it i think a saturday would be the best cause if im on night crew i have to work sunday. im goin on leave the 17th threw the 27th but after that im good to go i think it would be great. no the corps doesnt have any clubs im aware of so lets get a date set and a midway point.
who else is in
dan ps its got to be in early july i leave for iraq in aug