Looking for racing stripes on Foxes, esp convertibles.

Lee in Texas

New Member
Apr 15, 2008
My brother and I are working on getting an '86 GT convertible on the road. It's our first project car and we're thinking about racing stripes. Can you guys and gals show pics of Foxes with stripes? Thanks
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I got stripes on my 86, it's in my sig, I'll post more if you like....the stripes are close together, but they were supposed to be the same spacing as the gt350..well, that's what I was told....



the clear is coming off the stripes...the poor paint job is about 10 years old!!!
one last thing....ignore the cobra emblems...plz..you didn't see those..
don't make fun of the z....but this is my origional "striped" car...I still have it to this day...

I know it's a nissan on the stang forums..don't ban me plz..the only reason she was purchased was because my 1988 GT got stolen:(