Looking To Get First Mustang For 347 Build... Came For The Helps


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Jan 28, 2015
Lafayette, LA
Sup guys?! I'm 28, from south Louisiana, and am a diesel technician for Caterpillar. I recently purchased a used and beat up 1995 Ford Ranger and began to fix it up for my daily driver. I never had a "brand" loyalty before when it came to vehicles as I think I've owned a little of everything. Through working on this Ford, I've grown a sort of bond with it and the company. I've been reading up on not only the Rangers, but Ford offerings as a whole. Then the thought crossed my mind to finally bite the bullet and get a project car. What better car than one from the brand that I'm growing fond of, the Mustang.

From there, I began reading up on the 302 and eventually the 347. Now I'm at the spot where I've decided a 347 in a Fox Body is where I hope to someday be, but now I must lay the pipeline on getting there. I'm torn between finding an old block and building it from that or a new block that comes machined and ready. Part of me is considering the old due to the fact that this will be my first build. Then there comes the question of internals. I began reading up on what goes into the 347 stroker build and the abundance of parts and what to build it with is almost overwhelming.

For now, I'll keep doing my reading while I try to locate the vehicle itself and save up some money for the build. If you guys have any "must have" reading or viewing material, please send it my way. THanks guys!
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Jan 28, 2015
Lafayette, LA
I thought about that, but it just wouldn't be the same as building it myself. I really want one I can pass off to my son someday. I've got weekends and some evenings to tinker around with a project, but I know what you mean by it taking time. I decided to just find a quality block at my local pull-a-part and slowly build it up. My son is still young and doesn't grasp what's going on, but he still likes to hold the flashlight and hand me tools, so I think this would be a good father/son hobby.
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