Looks Like This Is The End Guys

Night Shifter

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Dec 24, 2005
Been a long time member on here. Learned a lot of valuable stuff from here but now is the time to move on. Im sure i will still lurk on here and maybe start posting in the squeaky wheel but i am getting out of the mustang world for now.

Unfortunately, even though i said id never do it, i am selling the car. Pretty lame i know. i never drive it, and i will make sure whoever buys it will be responsible and not dare rice it out. I drove it 93 miles last year. i told myself id never own a car i didnt drive. Just recently picked up a 2014 Ram sport 4x4 and as of right now, i dont see the need to have the car anymore.

So, here are the last pics that will be posted on stangnet from me:





before coilovers

i made a few changes to the car before it went up for sale. its been a long time coming. ill never forget the sound of the car or the looks and compliments i get when driving it. thanks to anyone thats helped me in the past! car is in classifieds section so dont ask me anything about it in this thread since its not a for sale thread.
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Agreed. Hate to see it go but sometimes you just have to let go...I hope to see myself back in a mustang soon...possibly a 4v next time or a 3v... not sure yet. Been having what I though was a clutch cable issue..looks like its the trans...already put so much into the car its just not worth adding more money for another big fix ya know
that is a damn good looking Mustang...you should be proud

Thanks I appreciate it :nice:

Don't do it man. Pickle that thing and store it somewhere. Let it be out of sight and out of mind until you get the itch again.

I dont want to but in all honesty ever since I worked at brothers performance, that place killed my desire for mustangs...I was so burnt out on mustangs and mustang people that when I finally quit there I stayed away from all forums, covered the car and put it away..

When I finally started to get the itch again is when I started running into transmission issues and that killed it for me..id love nothing more than to pull this car out and just rip on it but I cant..it sucks..ill be heart broken for sure but a 3 or 4v will be in the future...hopefully as unique as my current one
That's a good looking car. Shouldn't be to hard to sell. Money and repairs are usually what end up sending fun cars down the road with new owners.

Those pics inspired me to get FR500s on my car, which will eventually get painted gold centers.

Enjoy the next chapter of your motoring hobby. Keep us updated on any new cars and the mods that go with it.
Thanks! Glad to be an inspiration!

Im impatient, and I know the car has only been on the market for a few days but ive had zero bites on it. Ive posted ads all over so im preparing myself for it to be stuck in my garage the rest of my life lol. I seriously thought it would be gone within the 1st day haha.

This damn car has been a blessing and a curse at the same time lol