Loudest catted x-pipe


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Jan 26, 2008
I have a Shelby GT. I like the exhuast note but would like to make it louder. I was considering swapping the stock x-pipe out for an aftermarket pipe. I like the pipes that are modular allowing you to run straight pipes or cats. (i.e. bassani or pypes). I contact pypes exhaust and they did not think there catted x-pipe would be louder then my x-pipe (FRPP). Keep in mind the FRPP x-pipe only replaced the stock GT H section not the cats. I still have the stock cats.

In all of the previous Mustangs I have owned the after market x-pipes were a noticable difference in sound.

Opinions appreciated.
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Jun 3, 2003
South East Pennsylvania
I bought the bassani x pipe that you can switch from catted to off road. The bassani cats are way better than the stock ones and much louder, I noticed a huge difference. I actually dont know if I will ever go off road since i think it will be way too loud for my residential neighborhood and shared driveway:rolleyes:


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Jun 23, 2001
Northern VA
Cats tend to be designed more for flow and emissions performance rather than sound, so when comparing HIGH FLOW cats, there probably will not be a large difference between x-pipes from different brands. Since mufflers are designed solely for sound control (eg. #/shape/size/location of baffles), your best bet in changing volume is with an axle back system.