Low RPM Chattering Sound..???


New Member
May 29, 2003
OK, my '88 5.0 has recently been making a chattering sound which is very noticable at low RPM's (1500 - 3000 range).

Definately sounds like it's coming from the engine bay so I first thought header leak... not the headers.

Now, I've noticed it's more of a chattering like many hard things hitting together in a quick constant motion... I'm thinking loose rockers?? :shrug:

Just put in a new rear end... posi, gear and axles if this might have had an effect on it, however it's definaltely coming from the engine bay.

Thanx for any advice before I have to result to ripping **** apart one by one.. :(
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if youve got an aod, i think i might be having the same problem, it reminds me a lot of when you bog down an engine in a stickshift, clanky parts or something. it does this a lot in my car after i punch it really hard, like going down the freeway at 90 or something, i usually just hit the gas a bit to make it downshift. maybe i just need a tuneup...... coming soon.. lol