Trying to identify this sound in engine bay

Hey everyone, now that my transmission is back in the car, I started it up and noticed this sound coming from the passenger side of the engine, and I'm really not good with identifying sounds like this. I'm trying to figure out of it's a valvetrain issue, or exhaust leak from the headers, or even my blower. The install instructions of the blower said it can sound like valve train noises in the first several hundred miles until the lobes wear in/seat. I put a stethoscope at the valve cover over each rocker section and didn't notice a change in sound, just a slight pitch difference in the whirring noise. Any help is appreciated! thanks Also I apologize for the stupid youtube short, it doesn't give me an option when uploading
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Aug 20, 2022
I got a pipe that is missing a screw mount into somewhere that rattles a good bit, but I think it gets less vibration than if I were to replace the screw that's missing. It almost sounds similar to that.
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