lower block assy?turn hard?

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i dont remember the exact ft/lb but i just rebuilt mine and someone on here told me 25 lbs should spin it. not for nothing but i had an issue with mine spun fine until i had all the mains torqued down come to find out i had a bur on the #1 main i dont know how to link threads but if you search mine i got some great tips and help from some great people on here
PlastiGAUGE! Use a micrometer and do it right. Especially on a rebuild. If you just want to see if your bearings are still... Ok... after 60k miles then ok... use plastiguage. But for a new build use a mic to check true diameters.
YES!! plastigauge, it costs 5 bucks, is accurate enough for a regular rebuild and its easy to do. measuring it with a mic requires a set of mics ($$$) and is not that easy to do (yes it's only taking measurments and adding and subtrackting to figure clearances, but its not easy if you dont know what your doing)