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Mar 29, 2006
Ok i'm thinking of lowering my car but have no clue on how low or what kind of parts i need. So if any of you awesome :SNSign: people could help me out that would be AWESOME. I currently have 235 pirelli tires 17inch if that makes a difference.
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This is what's involved. Basically, you have to remove the front struts from the car then using spring compressors swop in a set of lowering springs from Roush, Eibach, whatever. Sionce you have to strip them anyway, if you're going to uprate the shocks, now is the time to do it.

At the rear, you detach the shocks, drop the axle, pull out the old springs and pop in the new.

Here's what's involved:

how much do you want to lower? an adjustable panhard bar may be required. to do it right, you would get one anyway, but if you lower the car with the least amount of drop, you might be able to get away without one. also, depending on the amount of drop you might need different shocks/struts. for the best ride, adjustable shocks/struts are the ticket. you will also need to check the pinion angle. if the pinion angle is out of adjustment, then you will need an adjustable upper control arm.

all of these parts depend on the amount of drop. the lower you go, the more parts that are needed to complete the job properly.
I have a question about that tho wouldnt the ride be different ? Because you have to different brands of springs one could be harder and the other. Please correct me if im wrong.
wouldnt the ride be different ?

yes! good different ,,, not bad different.

You're just adding a progressive rate spring to the back and leaving the standard length OEM spring in the front.

You'll lower the rear and get the benefit of a softer rear without the expense of dicking around with the front.

Unless you're into Concourse Driving or high speed mountain driving, I cant see the need for a full racing (Sport) suspension.

of course ymmv ~