Mac Long Tubes And Lakewood Bellhousing


5 Year Member
Dec 18, 2011
My wife bought me a new set off Mac 1 5/8 long tube headers for Christmas. I havent had a chance to install them yet but the other day i had my notch up on the lift and i was looking around and thought that sure is going to be a tight fit. Im running a Tko 500 with the Lakewood blow proof bellhousing and i was wanting to know if anyone has had any clearance problems running Macs with this setup. The previous owner for some reason installed those drop mounts that lower the motor. Im going to change to stock height motor mounts before I put the headers on and with that additional clearance I still think it will be tight. Any and all input is welcome.
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tight is good, you only run into problems if it don't fit LOL
Lol ya I know thats right. I will find out saturday. I hope everything fits right. I just cant figure out why the previous owner used those lowered motor mounts. The motor sits in there so low that even with my upr k member there is only about 1/2 an inch of clearace between the bottom of the oil pan and the k member.