Mach shaker Extensions

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Dec 22, 2009
There has been a lot of interest over on the Mach 1 registry for shaker extensions, which for those unfamiliar, is a spacer that goes under the shaker scoop that raises the scoop.

there used to be a guy making them and he stopped so they were hard to come by. several guys claimed they were going to make them, but did not.

I have a guy making them for me. We will probably only do one run of them. Minimum for him to make them is at least 5 of the size wanted.

we are making them in 1/2" , 3/4" and 1". so far over there we have enough for 5 of the 1/2". if anyone is interested in one (or more) of these let me know.

They will be painted to match the shaker scoop. Price is $90 each plus shipping (if needed) and the pay pal fee if pay pal is used to pay for it.

here is the link on it.

pics will be posted after the first one is made which will be soon.
pm me if you are interested.
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