Mach460 Questions


New Member
Mar 11, 2003
Tampa, FL
I've bought a 96 Mustang Cobra with Mach 460 in it and I my question is the eternal question, how to get an aftermarket stereo, such as a Kenwood KDC-MP425 head unit which has a preamp and rca outs for front and rear. I want to retain my use of the stock amps to the speakers. I know the Mach460 is a 2ohm system and my aftermarket head unit is 4ohms. I also know it uses low-output for the amps. My question is, although I've looked at at least 3 wiring harnesses online, walmart, etc. I have yet to understand quite which way is the most painless way of retaining the amps without blowing them, keeping that annoying buzz out of the sound and getting the most out of my Kenwood. What parts do I need? Is there a visual -How To- online someplace? If so I have yet to find it for my particular year car. I've seen one for a 2001 'Stang, but I'm sure it differs somewhat from my setup.:bang:
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