MAF Sensor Question, Need Help!


Oct 21, 2004
I just noticed that I'm running 24 lb. injectors with a stock MAF sensor. The guy I bought the car from said it had a C&L MAF sensor, but he obviously lied. It has a C&L tube with the factory MAF sensor bolted to it. So needless to say my car isn't running that good. My question is, can I just buy a new MAF sensor that is calibrated for 24 lb. injectors, or should I just buy a whole new MAF sensor and tube? Also, I've been told Pro M meters are the best to get. Is this true, and where are Pro M sensors available from?
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The c&l maf use the factory sensor. To calibrate it, the use different sample tube in it. check if yo have the good one. If you sensor is the 73mm, the tube shoulb be the one with a blue mark.
With your level of mods, i'd look into an SCT chip and having a custom dyno tune done.

I'm sold on that type of tuning and have seen 10-20HP gains on friends cars every time we go get a dyno tune
The problem that I'm having is that the car is running VERY rich, and I figured that it might have something to do with the MAF. I don't see a blue mark anywhere to use as a referrence, is there any other way to tell if I have the correct MAF for 24 lb. injectors?