Magnetic Oil Drain Plug or OEM?


Feb 6, 2010
Searched but didn't really come up with enough info about them. I have the OEM plug that is leaking oil slowly. I was thinking of just buying a new washer, or plug and washer. I was also looking into magnetic oil drain plugs, but I was thinking that bad things might happen if the magnet ever gets loose from the plug itself, if that is even possible? LOL! Call me crazy, but I was just curious to hear your guys' (or gals') thoughts on the matter. Thanks in advance again..
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You should be perfectly fine. Even if the magnet came off of it (I'm not sure if this is even possible, I have never inspected how thyre made) it would stick to the pan itself. I've seen guys put a big magnet in the bottom of the oil pan too....
ok thats what i figured.. ran a search and tons of companies making them.. jegs, summit, mr gasket, felpro, etc.. im guessing they will all get the job done.. ive seen some with metal washers, nylon washers, and some that look like gaskets with o-rings.. should i be good with either washer?
they work thats for sure. i've used them for years with no problems. i would just pick one, don't think it matters that much. for what its worth, i have a rubber o-ring on mine.
Even if the magnet came loose fron the plug where is it going to go? No where it's going to be stuck to the drain plug itself or the oil pan.
I feel it's a good thing to have anyway. Just remember to inspect and clean it everytime you change the oil.
I would go with the copper washer or the flat washer with the built in o-ring FWIW
FYI airplanes engines have been using magnet drain plugs for years. and I've never seen the magnet come loose.