Magnum 500's


Jul 2, 2006
I was wondering if you guys knew of any store that would sell me a set of Magnum 500s but only 2 w/ BFG Radials mounted & balanced for a good price (Newstalgia doesn't count since their Magnums are so much more expensive than other places).

I'm looking to replace my existing wheels but want to reuse the front tires so I need a set of 4 wheels but only need 2 tires. I live overseas and will have these shipped seafreight so I really want to have the rear wheels/tires mounted when they get to my forwarder for big savings.

It seems that everywhere I look they either sell the Magnums but no tires or sell the wheels & tires as a set of 4. Newstalgia would have been perfect but their prices for the Magnums are ridiculous (at least for a cheapskate like me)!!
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I just got off the phone with CJPony. They almost had everything I needed but didn't have the right tires. The only tires they had in 275/50 15 were drag tires. The closest they could get with the Radial T/A's were 275/60 15 which are too tall....

Oh well...the search goes on....
hello afterglo,

what size rim and tire combination do you want? and what exact tire size and style also? i work in a tire shop near detroit michigan, we deal with these types of things all of the time i can get the info from you and get you a price as well if you give me an estimated location or you can email our store at gratiotwheel@ with any question.. the man you would be talking to had been there forever and know his old wheels

wish you luck