Maier Racing - Updated Website


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Nov 7, 2003
Cerritos, CA
Maier Racing just updated their website. It was long overdue and finally have pictures of their suspension components including:

Rear Leaf Springs Notice the extra half-leaf in place of using under-ride traction bars.

Subframe Connectors Notice the extra tabs that tie in the under carriage.
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Aug 25, 2001
Rogue River, Oregon
68 & 00 GT said:
Wow those leaf springs look weird, like they're missing one side of the bottom leafs. Is that good ? Doesn't seem they would be as good as my 5 leafs - :shrug:
Actually, this is an old, proven idea that works very well. Mopar super stockers used it very effectively in late '60's and early '70's drag racing. The idea is to keep the spring rate supple enough to allow the suspension to work, while the extra half leaf in front keeps the spring from "wrapping up" under power. '67 Shelby's used an extra bump stop placed at the front half of the spring to the same thing.


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Apr 17, 2003
Is anyone running these springs

I am thinking of buying a set of these Maier Racing spring for my 68. Is anyone running these. They claim to have a 160lb/in that too light? to harsh?

These are my plans for my suspension upgrades. thoughts?
Front Springs Progressive SB springs
Rear Springs Maier 160 Lows Racing Springs
Control Arms GW uppers / Boxed lowers
Strut Rods Make adjustable/pivot strut rods.
Spring Perches Make roller spring perches.
Sway Bars Front 1" / Rear none or adjustable.
Shocks Edelbrock IAS on all 4 corners.
Bushings PST all the way around.
Other Support Export brace / Monte Carlo bar / TCP frame connectors.
Steering Flaming River power rack and pinion

Thanks guys.