Mass Air Conversion


Feb 4, 2008
Miami, FL
Hey, i wanted to know what do i need to convert from speed density to mass air. i was told its better to convert it if im going to change the cam and heads. which im going to do. but what ae the advantaged and disadvantages? thnx in advance!
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you will need a computer for mass air. you will need the harness,also.Try to go to a junk yard and you might get lucky I found a computer for 25 bucks and sold it for 125.It turn out to be a 9al computer.So try to find one in the junk yard. Get the whole wirring you wont pay more than 100 buck in the yard.
the simplest way is what i did.... here what u need

... 89gt or lx harness ( only ) ( local junk yard ) $50
... 89gt or ls computer ( only ) ( local parts store ) $100
... MAF sensor from 89-91... ( ebay ) $24.50
... 2 hours
... some shade and beers. $18 i had a case

works great with problems, and cheap as hell with out the hack job.