mass air upgrade help?


New Member
Mar 22, 2010
hey i gut an 87 gt that im doing a mass air conversion to, i have the harness 19lb mass air meter and a compter out of an 88 lx. the mass air harness is a 4 wire harness w/ red black orange/blue and green/red wires. i assume that black red are power and ground and the other 2 are signeal wires but which one is positive and which one is negative? can anyone help. thanks
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The Dark Blue/ Orange wire is the Maf Signal wire. Goes to PIN 50 at the ECM 60 PIN connector.

The green/red wire is the MAF SIGRTN wire, goes to PIN 9 at the 60 PIN connector.

As stated, make sure the ECM used is a MAF ECM.