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Apr 4, 2003
Due to an illness in the family, I may be forced to sell my 05 GT. What do you guys think it is worth....

Torch Red 5spd with all options... Red interior, iup, airbags, 17" wheels etc....

Procharger Supercharger 8 to 14lbs of boost
Aftermarket Fuel Pump
1 3/4" Stainless Works headers
3" header back Stainless Works exhaust with cats and cat delete pipes
BMR Fabrication double adjustable upper and lower control arms
BMR upper control arm mount
BMR Pan hard bar support
BMR Double Adjustable pan hard bar.
BMR chassi brace
BMR subframe connectors uninstalled
Eibach Springs
Steeda Shifter
Steeda bump steer kit
Steeda charge motion delete plates
New-unmounted NITTO Drag Radials
Brand new set of heads uninstalled(was gonna have them ported)
Brand new 3.90 gears uninstalled

1700 miles!!!!!!! Makes well over 500hp.
Featured in the July issue of MM&FF

What do you guys think I can get for it?

Mike Freedman
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Man, I am sorry to hear that. A person's life is worth more then any car.

I would think you could put it on Ebay and would get some pretty decent bidding going on. I'm not sure your time frame to sell, but you might do better parting it and selling the mod's individually.

I would imagine your going to take a 15 to 20% hit. Hope everything works out.
Yeah, I agree Ebay is your best bet. Otherwise you better make sure to sell it to someone who understands the performance heights (and limitations) that car has. If you can get the car out during the Magazine run you will get top dollar, but after that you are less likely to get anywhere near what you have in it. Strike while the iron is hot! Good Luck! :nice:
Most likely you will just be losing money on all of the aftermarket parts you put into it. You should have no problem selling the car for about what you payed for it or possibly more depending on your location and how high demand is there. I know in my area the dealers are putting stupid looking body kits on all of their GTs and charging like 40k for them. So, you might be able to get more for them if this is the case in your area too. If you have the time and resources then you might want to part the car out and sell the aftermarket parts seperate while restoring the car to as close to stock as possible then this would increase your chances of breaking even. Sorry to hear about your family member and that you have to sell your car. :(
I have sold three cars by parking it at a busy intersection. All three times I did stay with the car for two reasons:
1. I did not want the car towed off
2. I was able to give all details of the car, use my sales abilty, let the interested person sit in it and even drive it.
Note: I do carry a concealed hand gun, legally

I don't think you will take long doing it this way due to the fact Mustang GTs are hard to get plus you gave it some mods. Find a higher income area.

Good luck :nice: