Mechanical gauge questions


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Feb 16, 2004
Ok I like the full sweep gauges but really don't want to pay the price for the electrical versions, so here goes. I am looking at a water temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, and trans temp gauge. Now out of these 3, how/where do you hook them up at to get the readings for these gauges? Also how big are the capilary tubes for the gauges?
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Water temp goes in place of the stock water temp sensor (front drivers side of the lower intake) and you can put the stock sensor in the back of the intake on the same side if you want the stock gauge to work. The oil pressure replaces the stock sender also. It sicks out from the drivers side of the block behind the power steering pump, it's shaped like a bell, and has one push on wire on the top of it. You can install a T fitting to use both senders if oyu want to stock gauge to work still. The trans, I don't know about.
also, oil pressure line is whatever size you choose or comes with it (no capillary). mech water temp has capillary tube. the tube is not the issue, the bulbous sender is. i think my cap tube was about like an 10 gauge wire or slightly bigger, in case it matters for fitment....

i have a pics and some info on the relocation of the stock temp sender if you want it.
i also have no clue on trans gauge.

good luck, bud.
I had an electical trans temp gauge installed. The problem I has was that Autometer did not include the weld in bung with the gauge, but they did send it to me for free. I had a hard time finding a place to mount it on the side of the pan where there wasnt clearance issues.

What I ended up doing was installing a B&M drain plug kit in the pan. You have to drill a 1/2 hole in the pan and mount it. Instead of using the smaller plug that goes into the drain plug, I installed the sending unit with a little teflon tape. Perfect fit and no clearance issues. To drain the pan, I just unscrew the sensor.

Autometer also makes a tempature manifold that is designed to go inline with the cooler lines but is another $45.00. You can get a drain plug kit from Advance Auto or Summit for $6.00 your choice. Here is a link to the Temp manifold.

As far as price difference, I think there was only like a 5.00 difference between the Phantom series electical and mechanical gauges.

Hope it helps