SOLD Mgp Red Caliper Covers (5.0)

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Going Loud

Sep 19, 2015
Strongsville, Ohio
For Sale: MGP Caliper Covers (red)
Fits: '11-'14 GT/V6
Includes: (2) Front Caliper Covers 'Mustang', (2) Rear Caliper Covers '5.0', all necessary hardware
Price: $50 ($200 new), $65 if shipped
Location: OH

The price above comes with an honest review. I had them on with no issues for just over a year, but then they started to shift, very slightly, causing a noticeable rubbing sound when turning. If i had to guess, I'd assume the sound was coming from the bracket the cover uses to mount to the caliper rubbing against the brake rotor? To be fair, I'm pretty sure MGP has very specific instructions for the placement of these brackets, which is probably why they stayed in place for so long the first time, and only a month or two with a quick adjustment/tightening.



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Not open for further replies.