Mickey Thompson DR's on Pony rims


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Jan 30, 2002
What psi should I run for the street? I'm not super concerned about the best launch or whatnot. I just want a good air pressure for the street that will help these tires last as long as possible. Thanks!
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Run stock air pressure on the street if you're not concerned about max traction. The most common misconception about tires, is that when you buy bigger, or non stock size tires that you should air them up more. Your year calls for 30 PSI in all tires. That is what I would run for maximum tire wear and comfort. This psi is recommended directly from Ford... And is in your passanger side door jam.

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If their like nitto dr's you WANT lower pressure in them for max life. Too much pressure and the nitto's wear out the middles faster. This is on my pony wheels with 245/50's. I run about 24psi hot.