mil eliminators oops was i supposed to do use them?

86 5.0 gt40 heads cobra intakes 65mm throttle body 24# injectors crower street cam blaster coil race wires pro 5.0 shifter... off road bbk 2.5 exhaust. 1 5/8 headers..converted to mass air using a9l computer cold air kit adjustable fuel pressure reg.... a/c eleminator...1.7 roller rockers...underdrive pulleys

after all my mods my timing and throttle response just arent how i want them to be i read a while back you need to use mil eliminators what do they do? you suggest them with my mods?
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MIL eliminators are usually for OBDII cars without cats, when you put an o/r pipe on a OBDII you need the MIL eliminators so the CEL doesnt stay on. The MIL eliminators tricks the computer into thinking that functioning cats are still there. Our OBDI cars dont need them.