Electrical Hard to Start, Rough Idle, Won't Rev Up/Barely Any Power to Drive

When you compare a stock A9L parameters to a stock X3Z you can see alot of differences in breakpoint and lowslope/highslope etc..

Screenshot 2022-05-07 153827.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-07 153723.jpg

Like I stated you need a chip and a custom tuner...As you can see between the two the MAF transfers are completely the same....LOL

Screenshot 2022-05-07 153333.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-07 153222.jpg

Good Luck getting it all sorted out.........
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I'm going to make a suggestion in regards to that air filter, you should have a pipe to move the filter away from the maf, the reasoning is air moving through the filter will tumble (turbulence) around and cause inconsistent maf readings, there needs to be 6" +- between the filter and the maf so the air can straighten out for consistent readings, you can use a shorter filter if needed, I would also shield the filter so liquid does not splash on it. While this has little to do with your problem it's just a little thing that can keep problems from arising.
And investigate a clutch fan and shroud or an electric fan setup.
Nice work so far.
I would agree and I would put the stock airbox back in with a k@n filter and be done.
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