Mil eliminators... will they fit and work?


the ahead of you horseman
Aug 2, 2000
Belmont NC
I am purchasing an 06 Roush stage 2 on Friday afternoon at a very good price. I have one question.
I am immediately purchasing the X pipe from Roush and need to know if my Mil eliminators off of my 04 Mach 1 will work?
They are plug in style and just had them laying in the drawer.
So , will they plug in and work on the newer stangs?

Thanks for any help.
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Thanks fellas,
Yep they look identical to those in the picture / link.
I will definitely invest in the tuner, but for the next few weeks Its comforting to know I can just plug these in.

Glad to be part of the mod squad once
Once I get the car, I will post pics.

Thanks again.