Milwaukee Area Mustangs????


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Mar 4, 2010
Who is out there and what do you have going on?

I'm looking to get my car up and running here in a week or so and wouldn't mind seeing what everyone else is up too. Pics of my project to come, once I have the car back and can take pics.
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I live in Mukwonago, which is 45mins west down 43. I have a 2006 Mustang GT that I have been working on very slowly as the checks come in. My main project is my custom audio build in the trunk
Hey! Brand new here. I live in Waukesha, about 20 miles West of Milwaukee. I've got a 2005 Mustang GT that I've done some work to here and there (CAI, headers, underdrive pulley, new hood...). It's been frustrating me cuz it's gas milage seems to be dropping despite driving conservatively and putting parts on that are theoretically supposed to help MPG.

Anyone else here in the area?
Vankor, I'm out in Wauwatosa. Not too far from you. I know what you mean with the gas, well I did mine isn't that bad anymore. Opening up the exhaust really helped alot. 25 - 26 mpg on the hwy now with 3.55 rear gears.

Just throwing it out there..... on May 23rd there is an All Ford Show at Venus Ford in Cudahy.
Might be fun to get some of the Local mustang guys out there.