Drivetrain Missing Parts For New Clutch Cable Install


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Dec 25, 2012
Hi guys,

I bought a new ford racing clutch kit for my 79 Ghia and there are parts missing from the current setup on the car which are hindering me from starting this job. I am missing the clip to hold the cable in place as shown on the cable picture. And I am missing the part on the fork that goes to the left of where the rounded end of the cable goes. If anyone knows where I am able to find these parts as I have described please let me know.


Clutch Cable.JPG
Clutch Fork.JPG
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Based on your response I'm assuming that there is nothing that goes in on that left side in the clutch release fork. Is that correct?
Correct. That larger hole is just to slide cable in and then slide onto smaller hole opening. Thus the cable end has a pinched lead piece that has to be able to enter onto the clutch fork and with the small hole that will not let the cable slip back out .