Mod suggestions?


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Jun 30, 2004
Hey everyone,
I'm new here so bear with me. As of Monday, I'm the proud owner of an '04 40th anniv.edition GT! I love it! I would really appreciate any input any of you might have as to what mods I should consider and what order to do them in. The only things I have done so far are the air silencer removal and flowmaster single chamber mufflers. I'm leaning towards: CAI- Pulleys- H Pipe- Headers- 3.73 or 4.10?- and a steeda tri-ax. I would like to be pushing between 265-285 at the rear, please give me some insight as to if you think these mods are worth any gains (minus the gears and shifter) and any other mods I should consider. thanks
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The headers are very expensive to install. Put the air silencer back in that mod is a joke. I think the car runs better with it in. As for gears go with 4.10's I tack 3000 RPM'S @ 90 MPH in 5th gear. The seat of the pants feeling is incredible ! I have a mac off road h pipe with flowmasters and it sounds mean as hell.
Back to the gears if you like to smoke tires in 2 gear and chirp them in 3rd gear then 4.10's are for you.
go ahead and get the tri-ax, everyone should have one. if you want the best bang for buck power... go with with a dr. gas o/r x-pipe(do it right the first time).. Steeda Timing Adjuster, Accufab TB/Plenum and that I would say will put you around 245-255, maybe more but that would be pushing it depending on your Air/Fuel, good luck!
Exhaust (back to front, starting with a cat-back, then a mid pipe, then headers), Gears (best bang for the buck), Pro 5.0 shifter (IMO more race like than the Tri-Ax), SCT handheld tuner or chip (The guys that know!), Accufab plenum, TB & C&L Trueflow inlet pipe (yeah, I know, I AM partial to these pieces 'cause I own 'em!).