MODEL GUYS! Check this out!!


it sucks (I know) to be on the receiving end
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Nov 11, 2003
Northern KY
OH MAN! It's my car!



Unfortunately it's 1:32 snaptite, but i'll take it! :rock:

The side pipes are going byebye and i don't think it has an engine, but it'll be cool to take apart and paint and put nice wheels on just for show.
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Hey the model can grow with the car.:shrug:

My '93 Cobra model has been in primer for years, and my real stang could stand a paint job, its a 20 footer.

If you want, I still have some 1:25 welds looking wheels from a chevelle model, too bad they're not the right scale. I used the wheels, brakes, fuel rails, and seats from a '98 corvette I found in a junk pile and put them on the chevelle.