Mr.Emissions is calling on Mr.Hpipe

Emissions time has rolled around for my "illegal" mustang. The previous owner of the car installed a BBK Xpipe NO CATS, and I have a Hpipe w/CATS via my friend. I've looked under the car and as far as I see, a couple bolts at the header, a couple bolts to the exhaust, and those silly o2 sensors are the only thing in the way to making my car "legal" again. But - when talking to my friend who made the same swap, he mentioned having to jack up the transmission to remove the exhaust from the hanger. Is this true, or are the few bolts all I need to worry about.
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Here’s some help for removing the air tube from the H pipe...

Try removing the bolts from the upper mounting bracket at the rear of the engine, and then loosen the clamp on the air tube by the cats. Then get a BIG pair of ViseGrip pliers (you really didn't hear me say that), clamp down hard on the tube about 1 1/2" from the clamp and pound away on the ViseGrips. It will come off if you keep at it.

In really stubborn cases, drill a 1/8" hole all the way thru the air tube 1 1/2" from the clamp, put a nail, pin punch or whatever in the hole, seat the ViseGrips up against the nail or pin punch and pound away on the ViseGrips. This is a better method, as you can do the same thing in reverse to put the old tube back on, with some clever means to cover or fill the hole (weld, braze, sheet metal screws, hose clamps and hi temp hose, etc.).

A replacement air tube cost me $44 plus the air valve didn't come with it - another $17, so reuse when and where possible if your money is limited.