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Jul 12, 2004
stock headunit 2000 V6

Having problem removing my headunit out of my 2000 V6 (used the two pin thing and did not slide out). I was wondering if there's something holding it back from the back and I've also tried taking out the surrounding panel but the panel will not come out (affraid that it might break if I put too much force). Can you guys help me ([email protected])?
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Pull the panel off the shifter first. Then pull the panel that surrounds the head unit. The air vents will probably come with it.
That's the way '01+'s are anyways. I know they're a little different, but it's worth a shot.
Yes, take the shifter off then there are two bolts but guess what! You can still not get it off. There is a bolt inside behind the radio also!

The radio is not secured anyway in the rear. Just wiggle the removal tools until the radio starts to get out of the hole!

All i can say is keep trying man...Its really hard,it took me forever to do it but The key is too make sure that the tool is in there really tight then pull hard and you should get it eventually...hope this helps