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Fix the car. The questions you are asking about gauge/no gauge, Do I need a WB or not is just the tip of the iceberg if you continue down the path towards buying and installing any one of these aftermarket ecu's.
I have one. I built the whole thing myself starting with a dozen bags of pieces parts and a circuit board.
In my opinion, putting that thing together was the easy part. Understanding what does what in the tuning process is a whole different ball game. If not for the help of an outside tuner, that freakin thing would still be sitting, un-running.

Keep your life simple. there are way more examples of guys making the stock stuff work on this, and every freakin mustang web forum on this earth.
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I get that but I would rather not put all my smog stuff back on. I shouldnt need to but if the computer is complaining about the smog stuff then tell me how to turn all that off without a tune or without another computer. I am hearing everyone say fix the car and pretty much telling me I am going the wrong direction but no one is telling how to do it. I know cars. I have been working on cars for over 30 years as a hobby. Mostly carburated stuff over the years though. I took off the plug going to the little vacuum actuated solenoids on the passenger fender well. it did not appear it was needed for much other than smog and one of the tubes was broken and gone anyway. No idea what it as going to. The EGR didnt fit with the fuel pressure regulator so I took it off and put a block off plate on as well. I did remove the charcoal canister and purge solenoid as well but will spend the money to buy that stuff again and replace it since I have been shamed into that as well. But Short of putting the car back to stock and replacing all the smog stuff how do I make it work right without a tune. I get what you guys are saying. I get that people are making it work with stock stuff but mine isnt. And I came here asking for advice which I appreciate but rather than say "Fix the car" and everyone else is running stock stuff maybe tell me how. How did you turn off the smog stuff with the stock A9L without a chip or a tune? Mine wont do it and I am sure its mostly the EGR causing it and I dont have the plug to fool it, and I have heard guys are waiting months for them to come from china and I dont have nor do I want to put the smog stuff back on.


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Aug 8, 2003
The smog stuff is not causing your problems.
You do not need to put it back on.
I'm willing to be the majority of this forum is missing all that stuff. I certainly was and i ran what most would call a radical cam, which required notching the pistons, extrude honed wedges and 30lb injectors.

I'm pretty sure the simulator is just a resistor. I'm not sure which one, but i bet jrichker knows. Probably get 100 of them for like $3.

Your issues are not tune related, unless of course it's the C&L you run which have always been known to be problematic. My buddy used to keep the elusive injector adjustable Pro m/pro flo meter at his shop at all times to swap on to those cars temporarily on the dyno.

I'm not sure i even know what your real problem with the car is. It feels flat sometimes and it throws the light because of the EGR?

If it were my car. Me personally i'd change that meter first.
At least when you get it tuned, you will have the flow sheet.
Pro M's are $210 at LMR.
Probably get $100 for the C&L on ebay.

edit: Found this, i think Tmoss posted it way back, so it comes from a credible member.
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