Msd Distributor For 5.0

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Bad luck! I do agree sometimes msd might suck, but I've had an msd streetfire I bought and installed February of last year and I've had no issues. Put about 15-20k on it so far. My last 89 5.0 had an msd pro billet for 3 years with no issues. Both parts bought brand new.
Last year I bought a new msd billet, 6months after I installed it I added a 3g, 130amp, the msd went ape sh!t, we thought it was the alt at first cause it was the so called NEW part but we threw in a stock dizzy, ....ran perfect. Took the msd back to Summit and got a full refund cause I bought it new outta the box. If you ever do a 3g look out for this symptom. It breaks up around 2000rpm and worse with accessories on.
......also if you still insist on keeping that stock alt, you better check that bottom alt plug because its melting from the heat and are known for fire hazards. That was my reason I went to a 3g, plug was melting like a mofo, gotta pic of it on here some where.