Mustang caugth on fire-what could be salvaged


Founding Member
Feb 5, 2002
a guy I met yesterday is selling his gt. he had an electrical fire. he doesn't know exactly what caused it. the fire lasted about 8 min according to him. the gt has a 347 with edelbrock heads and novi 2000. the injectors, harness, fmu, maf, dist. and everything plastic of course are gone. how can i tell without taking the top end off to make sure the heads, pistons, rods are warped. the headers look good except for a little charcoal on top, as with the novi. fire did get the passenger dash and the fire was mostly on the passenger side. the car also has a tremec, with a perf. 5.0 intake, and a real cobra rear bumper. how much would someone pay for this considering the block, heads, etc. are still good. he is going to keep the springs, struts and exhaust minus headers.
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